Races I have participated in.

Chocolate Chase 50 Mile Bike Ride

It started with a Facebook post from my friend Shaun asking if any of us wanted to join her on this cycling event.  Of course I was curious and looked up more information…although very little “more” information was to be found.  The website gave four distances to choose – 70 mile, 50, 30 and 15 [...]

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My First 70.3 Triathlon – HITS Lake Havasu City, AZ

Race morning began with me pulling into the parking lot a quarter mile from the transition area.  Not wanting to have to wake Gracie up and drag her out in the cold that early, Richard stayed home with her and was planning on meeting me a half hour before the race start. Great personalized [...]

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Why One Run for Boston is a great relay

Ron, Mel, Me, Gracie, Shaun After the tragic bombing of the Boston Marathon last year the running world united as never before.  Charity runs across the country raising money for the victims were everywhere.  And then there was the One Run for Boston – a relay run starting in Los Angeles and ending [...]

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Eat Chocolate and Run!

It’s touted as “America’s Sweetest Race”; plenty of “Will Run For Chocolate” merchandise; and your goody bag is a technical hooded sweatshirt.  What’s not to like about the San Diego Hot Chocolate Run?! The answer is simply, nothing!  From the time I registered for the event until I crossed the finish line, Ram Racing and [...]

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San Diego Rock-n-Roll Marathon

If large crowds, long lines, and traffic congestion don’t bother you, then the San Diego Marathon is a great event.  Even with the thousands of people, packet pickup was a breeze.  It’s very well organized and easy to find where you were to go to get your packet.  After that it’s pretty simple as there [...]

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My First Marathon at 5 Months Pregnant

How it all began... “I have no desire to ever run a full marathon.” Those were the words I said to Wendy just a week before signing up for the Utah Valley Marathon! What the heck happened? For weeks Donna would mention UVM when we were out horseback riding and I would just acknowledge and [...]

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