My Training Journey includes races I’m training for, my journey during training and just tidbits of information that I have found useful.

Injury Makes for Unconventional Marathon Training

When I didn't qualify for Boston at my last marathon at the end of May I wanted to capitalize on my fitness and find another Boston qualifying marathon not too far out so I wouldn't have to start from scratch.  After taking two full weeks off due to being sick and recovering, I dove headfirst [...]

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Easy Ways to Stay Hydrated

The rule of thumb for runs over an hour is 4 to 6 ounces every  20 minutes of exercise.  If running longer than 90 minutes, you should also include a sport drink like Gatorade to replenish sodium and electrolytes.  For people who have sensitive stomachs it helps to drink smaller quantities more frequently - like [...]

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The Next Attempt to BQ

After my failed Boston qualifying attempt last weekend I decided to run the Eugene Marathon in Oregon on July 27th. This gives me eight more weeks of training through the hottest period in Lake Havasu City, AZ. It never cools below 90° which means it’s warm even when starting at 5am. My hope is that [...]

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Will I Boston Qualify?

This is it! 16 weeks of training, literally going from zero to 26.2 miles over the past four months, culminates this Sunday at the Mountains2Beach Marathon. In my blog post Mental Toughness and my Laughlin Half Marathon experience I wrote about the struggles I had the first half of my marathon training. I used the [...]

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Hills Make You Stronger

We all know the value of running hills. We may hate. We may curse them. But we know hills will make you a stronger, fitter, faster runner. From my house there is no way to avoid hills. Going out or coming back, either way I’m going to have to go uphill at one point. One [...]

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The Benefits of Training Partners

Most people that know me see me as a highly motivated, self-starter who leads group runs and encourages others.  However, even the most highly motivated individuals can use some encouragement themselves now and then.  That would be me right now.  I’m seven weeks into a 16 week marathon training program and have been sick with [...]

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