My Training Journey includes races I’m training for, my journey during training and just tidbits of information that I have found useful.

My 2014 Race Calendar

February - Chocolate Chase 50 Miler - Henderson, NV - Completed!  Read Review March - - One Run for Boston - Bouse, AZ - Completed!  Read Review March - Laughlin Half Marathon - Laughlin, NV - Completed!  Read Review May - Mountains 2 Beach Marathon - Ventura / Ojai, CA - Completed! Read Review July [...]

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5 Ways to Run Prepared and Aware

What I’m writing about should be common sense – but for whatever reason, runners everywhere ignore some common and easy safety precautions while running.  Stop it.  Your life could depend on it. Running in the dark As I’ve been out running or driving in the dark early morning hours I am surprised by how many [...]

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How to Run Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are an excellent way for runners to build strength, improve their speed, and build their mental strength and confidence in hill running. Although hills come in all different lengths and degrees of incline, the basic concept of a hill repeat is usually the same. You run up the hill fast and then recover [...]

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How to Run a Faster 5k

For those that have an upcoming 5k race on their calendar, there’s nothing that will help get your stronger than some good old fashioned speedwork to ignite those fast twitch muscle fibers and help you run a fast 5k. Before engaging in any speedwork you should always have a proper warm-up of at least 10 [...]

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