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Can you trust the content to be true in a fake post?

The supposed Steve Gouves A friend on Facebook posted an article that turns out to be about a fake billionaire and his final words.  Her post "Absolute truth!"  When I brought it to her attention that this man never existed and this is a fake post, her reply was "I thought it could [...]

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Buying a Business in Boise

If you’re visiting this page my guess is you’re looking at getting the heck out of California and seeing what your money will get you elsewhere.  This is a great place to look because life is just better in Boise.  Buying a business in Boise AND purchase a beautiful home that will match your lifestyle [...]

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How did your race go?

“How did your race go?”  This is the first question I always get when I finish an event.  It’s understandable; training for an event pretty much consumes my life, especially a half-iron distance.  My friends see constant posts on social media of my training; my family wonders where I’m at most of the day.  So [...]

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